ANZAS Dance Studio, Beijing

Posted 25/05/11 by Your Studio

ANZAS Dance Studio, Beijing – What a fantastic space this is! We have never seen any interior quite like it. This design is totally different from your usual empty stark dance studio. The atmosphere in this amazing space seems to give a feeling of infinity that we love.



According the Architects, on developing the design idea, they investigated the behaviour of the body and found that a sense of existence of the floor is very important for dancers, anything else is unnecessary. Using this concept they’ve wrapped the dance studio with a deep fog. They applied a gradation of tiny white dots on the room’s mirrored surfaces, the effect of a deep fog and the illusion of mist in the air are created, making an inspiring interior.

Deep coloured tigerwood (Muiracatiara) is used for the dance floor so that the floor is the focus.


ANZAS Dance Studio is an obscured space with a deep fog effect but the floor cannot be ignored.



The combination of the tigerwood and mirrored walls produce a dramatic atmosphere.
For a very simple idea, this interior leaves a very strong impression.

We hope you love the space as much as we do!

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