Artists' Furniture: Frieze 2012

Posted 12/10/12 by Your Studio

London’s Frieze Fair is an inspiration every year. This year we’ve constructed an imaginary YourStudio DREAM HOME using furniture-inspired art pieces from this year’s Frieze. Inspiring concepts, great colours, fantastic materials, adventurous forms and uniquely bizarre combinations, please step into our home...

Step 1. Buzz yourself up on the intercom
Frieze2012 1
Margaret Lee, Cucumber (on the wall),2012 (above)
Archival pigment print

Step 2. Hang up your coatFrieze2012 2Rachel Harrison, Sculpture with Raincoat, 2012 (above)
Wood, styrofoam, cement, acrylic, hanger, The Economist, Gherardini rain coat

Step 3. Check yourself out
Frieze2012 3
Sam Durant, Go To Work, 2012 (above)
Mirror, enamel spray

Step 4. Make yourself comfortable
Frieze2012 4
Martino Gamper, Chair (prototype), 2012 (above)

Frieze2012 5Frieze2012 5
Jonas Wood, Grey Shio Still Life, detail, 2012 (above)
Oil & acrylic on canvas

Frieze2012 6Geoffrey Farmer, I Turn to Clocks (Thoughts on circular time and a sword truck), 2012 (above)
Plantpots and mixed media collage

Frieze2012 7
Zhang Wang, Artificial Rock No. A39, 2007 (above)
Stainless steel

Step 5. Put your things on a shelf
Frieze2012 8
Josephine Meckseper, Untitled (Only a Moster Can Allow Himself the Luxury of Seeing Things as They Are), 2005 (above)
Shelf with mixed media

Frieze2012 9
Carol Bove, Aleph, 2012 (above)
Wood and steel shelves, books & periodicals, steel, brass, stone, feather, mink button and found objects

Step 6. Put on a record
Frieze2012 10
Yarisal & Kublits, Fertility Doll (records), 2012 (above)
Brass, 3 vinyl records

Step 7. Sit down and relax
Frieze2012 11
Sarah Lucas, Mumum, 2012 (above)
Tights, fluff, chair frame

Frieze2012 12
Pierre Huyghe, Apparaissance, 2012 (above)
Wood, foam, fur

Frieze2012 13
Xavier Antin, Galerie Crevecoeur, 2012 (above)
Reconstructed chairs

Step 8. Select some nibbles from the Hostess Trolley
Frieze2012 14
Jason Rhoades, Shelf (mutton chops) With Unpainted Donkey, 2003 (above)
Seville Ultra Durable chrome shelving system with 9 shelves, 13 neon panels (glass, plexi, wire, transformers), 31 ceramic donkey carts, 1 can tuna

Step 9. Get ready for dinner
Frieze2012 15
Henning Bohl,Untitled, 2011 (above)
Wood and mixed media

Step 10. And pour yourself a drink…
Frieze2012 16
Amalia Pica, Device for mutual eavesdropping #2, 2012 (above)
Wooden holder and drinking glasses

Frieze2012 17Amalia Pica, Catachresis #32 (Neck of the bottle, elbow of the pipe), 2012 (above)
Found materials

As well as charting our inspiration, the team at YourStudio also design interiors, furniture and products. If you have a project you’d like to talk to us about, feel free to contact us for a chat here.

See you next time...
Next stop - Paris Motor Show.


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