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Posted 22/07/14 by Your Studio

Whilst you’d think the innovative places for new coffee shops would have dried up, we found ‘ATTENDANT’, a rather intriguing coffee shop sited in an old public convenience.

Yes, that’s right, in a loo!

But fear not, the place has been totally gutted, reinvented and not a hint of the smell of Jeyes Fluid. ATTENDANT is a nice coffee/ eaterie selling interesting-looking food- from ‘Truffle mac and cheese’ to ‘cheesecake brownies’ and open in the evenings.

The interior mixes original fixings with punchy emerald green high stools and nice vintage touches such as light fittings sourced from the Nappa Valley no less. Great use of the original urinals for the most original pissoir perch bench we’ve ever seen. Take a look…!

Attend 1

Attend 2

Attend 3

Attend 4

Attend 5

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Until the next flat white...

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