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Posted 20/06/11 by Your Studio

YourStudio’s recent blog on Wow Windows is followed by some amazing work by set designers and visual merchandisers. Across retail, photography and art, elements of prop and set design are used in unique and exciting routes that create beautiful scenes.

Kyle Bean
Kyle Bean‘s hand crafted models, set design and art direction spreads across a variety of platforms including installations, window displays, editorial and advertising.

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His precise sculptures have been seen in some of the most infamous windows in London, including Selfridges and Liberty‘s.  For his Selfridges window displays, Bean drew on the scientific theory which states that ‘matter cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed’.  Items such as a tiered wedding cake and a motorbike were broken down to their basic ingredients and mechanics, and were suspended on giant scales, proving that the matter and mass of these objects are equal when transformed.

Attention 2

Coriette Schoenaerts

Corriette Schoenaerts is a Dutch photographer mostly known for her editorial work.  She takes on commissions from various magazines, mostly working on fashion shoots as well as other promotional photographs that are both refreshingly colourful and visually challenging.

Attention 3

Her work uses a mixture of multimedia elements and materials creating beautiful sets with a unique whimsical narrative.

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Clemens Behr
Clemes Behr creates installation art with an amazing use of space which takes over his chosen environments.  He builds abstract landscapes constructing sudden, complex and ephemeral architectures in both abandoned warehouses and on the streets.

Attention 5

The individual overwhelming sense of his work could be seen in a creative display or concept store creating experiential spaces that a viewer can be involved in.

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Tracey Neuls
Tracey Neuls store allows customers to enjoy a unique shoe shopping experience. Tracey’s handmade, inventive creations are hung on ribbons from the ceiling or displayed like works of art on vintage stools, encouraging women to touch and explore her designs. Each pair of shoes is a careful fusion of unique design and comfort, and styled for the more adventurous fashionista.

Attention 7

With collaborations and pop up stores with designers and artists such as Boo Ritson, the store’s display is continually changing.  We love the gallery feel to the shoes like works of art being displayed.

Attention 8

Topshop ‘secret’ pop up
The Topshop Secret concept store was curated by London Fashion Week designers Meadham Kirchhoff and built with the help of florists ‘Wild at Heart’, who created a flower stall for the entrance with peonies, spray-painted chrysanthemums and glitter-painted vases.  Inside, the the rails included pieces which never made it to production by Topshop Boutique, as well as pieces from Topshop designer collaborations, including pieces by London-based milliner Nasir Mazhar, womenswear designer Ann-Sofie Back and New York-based jewellery designer Pamela Love.

Attention 9

These designs and pieces have all shown great examples of how art, display and set design are being combined for beautiful creations that have a narrative aesthetic quality. These artists are all using their own individual style to create temporary environments that push the boundaries of visual merchandising, display and installation art.

YourStudio are always keeping a keen eye on the latest retail display globally, as well as being involved in our own retail design projects.  For more information, or to get in touch, please feel free to contact us

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