Constructing Worlds at The Barbican

Posted 20/10/14 by Farha Nabila Halimuddin

Last week we attended the Barbican’s Art Gallery’s 'Constructing Worlds', which exhibits over 250 photographs by 18 artists, exploring the relationship between architecture and its environment. Each photographer’s work is displayed chronologically, in its own space, of grey walls and concrete beams.

You can catch glimpses of photographs (highlights displayed below), indicating the predominance of angles and perspectives witnessed in the photographs themselves. The work shown is a spectrum; beginning with Berenice Abbott’s monochromatic images of a spiralling  Manhattan in the 1930s and ending with Iwan Baan’s Torre David, revealing the spectectular re-purpose of an unfinished building site in Venezuela. Themes of isolation and over-population as well as economics and politics recure throughout the exhibition, ultimately providing insight into the fascinating connection between man and the enviroment they built. 
CW 1
'Cooling Plant Dubai' by Bas Princen (2009)

CW 2
'Mokattram Ridge' by Bas Princen (2009) 

CW 4
'Torre David 2' by Iwan Baan (2011) 

CW 8
'A Security's guard's booth' by Simon Norfolk (2010 - 2011)

CW 7
'Chongqing XI Chongqing Municipality' by Nadav Kander (2007)

CW 6
'Chongqing IV (Sunday Picnic), Chongqing Municipality' by Nadav Kander (2006)

CW 5
Iwan Baan (2011)

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