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Posted 22/01/15 by Tom Philipson

Back in the day, to meet like-minded people you would go down to your local youth club to find some fellow ping-pong lovers. The world has changed since I was a lad and with the introduction of smart phones and social media new ‘Brand Community Spaces’ are popping up. As humans we are innately social creatures and love to be part of something, we use social media to declare the things we like, describe and define us as a person. This is one of the most important factors in creating a strong brand that resonates, ask yourself ‘Do the customers you want actually like or love you?’ Brands and brand agencies have reinforced the importance of narrative and storytelling in the past few years, often highlighting it's value in encouraging customers to buy into a brand. Storytelling has become a benchmark for any brand and now it seems it’s not just about creating a story but creating a community too.

Becoming part of a community is about more than a brand you like, it is about a brand that becomes part of your life. Both the product and the brand values enable activities to help us meet like minded people, lovers of sports, hobbies and interests, anything that can enrich our lives.

As we have developed our habits of digital communicating, there is also a thirst for more meaningful human interaction. New communities are giving people that authentic experience. Life is so fast paced that anyone who can give our life more enjoyment, give your mind a break from the day to day of work, social media and responsibility will be seen as a trust worthy partner. Makes sure your company is that trust worthy partner.

Toms Shoes - Austin Texas 

'We’re creating more than a store. This is a place for the community to come together and discuss ideas,” said Blake Mycoskie, the founder of Toms.

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With its new branch in Austin, Texas, Toms has created a retail space that brings the brand’s behaviour and values to the fore, rather than products. It includes a cafe and public space for music and community gatherings.

Vans - House Of Vans 

Opened in August, the House of Vans in London is the physical manifestation of the culture and creativity that have defined the Vans brand since 1966.

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BMW - City Lab

This travelling lab hosts a series of programs around the theme of comfort in the city, including talks, exhibitions, discussions, screenings, workshops and games.

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Mulberry - Loves Craft

Mulberry celebrate the spirit of craft and the handmade, and festival-goers could speak to Mulberry craftsmen and have a go at customising and monogramming their own leather bracelets from a choice of Mulberry colours such as Pheasant Green, Flame, Petrol Blue, Chocolate and Oak.

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AirBnB - Pineapple

A new magazine for users of the site, bringing users together and informing people of authentic travel experiences around the world.

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Rapha - Cycling Club

Rapha has built a community around its stores. Every week there are rides, talks and events around the cycling community creating a loyal group of brand advocates. 

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