Breakfast talk: The New Era of Service-led Experiences

Posted 14/06/16 by Cassie Isherwood


Fuelled by increasing customer expectations for highly personal and responsive service and coupled with a thirst for immersive storytelling and environments - now begins the new era of service-led experiences...


Service experiences have the power  to go above and beyond - to provide unexpected value, strengthen loyalty and create deeper relationships with customers.  We see service becoming more anticipatory, personal and rewarding to meet customers' changing expectations. These will form the pillars of successful future service experiences.


Samsung 837


On Demand

Services are utilising technology and digital to deliver seamless on-demand service - closing the gap between product and consumer.

Amplify service experiences by empowering associates with tools   and environments to support successful interactions.

2Westfield x Sanderson

"41% of respondents believe that  time-saving products are increasingly important in their lives."  

- Datamonitor



Service will need to become more attuned to customer mood and emotion. New services need to understand, empathise, anticipate and reward customers througho ut the experience and consistently over time.

5Buddy Up Icelandair

"Receiving great  customer service triggers the same cerebral reactions as feeling loved."  

- American Express Service Study 



Customer expectations are becoming more aligned to personal and tailored services. From co-creation of products, anticipatory and concierge services, its all about delivering an appropriately tailored service.

4Muji New York

"Recognition means being seen, acknowledged, being welcomed and appreciated and the number one reason guests cite for wanting to return."

Danny Meyer, restaurateur



People are seeking self-improvement through health, fitness, wellbeing and knowledge. New service tools and environments can provide these customers with the support systems and tools they need for optimising lifestyle performance. Become your customers' go-to lifestyle advisor.

6Headspace pods



Total immersion happens in spaces which border on the theatrical, where service becomes performance. Connect with customers in choreographing these new, unexpected and memorable worlds. 

7Bar Luce at Foundation Prada by Wes Anderson 


The future design process will shift - beginning with mapping the ultimate service experience, followed by designing the digital and physical enablers to deliver the experience. 


The environment should provide staff with the tools they needs to engage and build relationships through service. Ultimately, creating service-led shoppable habitats. 



Shape your service experience...

Get in touch if you would like to explore what the future of the service experience means for your brand and how this could be implemented into your experience. 

Drop me an email at  or call the studio on +44 (0) 207 033 2809 

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