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Posted 26/07/14 by Your Studio

YourStudio’s research team stays up-to-date with the most current airline trends, and we have found that many hotels are continuing the premium airline experience passengers are offered in their airport/flight-inspired capsule hotels. Originated from Japan, capsule hotels never was aimed at tourists but for local businessmen who worked till after the last train home, offering the essentials for an affordable place to stay the night. It is now slowly spreading throughout the world in different styles to offer travellers an unique and enjoyable experience.

1. Sleepbox by Arch Group

First introduced in 2011, Sleepbox has now officially moved into an old building in Moscow, renovated to a futuristic-style, with rows and rows of further developed Sleepboxes as rooms. Similar styled pods of reception, bathrooms & showers, and 1-person rooms are also featured in the hotel.

Capsule 1

Capsule 2

2. Yotel

The fruit of Yo!Sushi founder Simon Woodroffe, Yotel is an affordable cross between Japanese capsule hotels and first-class airline cabins, first opened at Gatwick Airport, London, and later on at Heathrow Airport and Schiphol Airport. The latest Yotel at New York Time Square also features a mechanical robot arm that stores and retrieves luggages, premium lounges, bars and restaurants and a range of premium cabins to choose from.

Capsule 3

Capsule 4

3. First Cabin – Japan

Capsule 5

4. citizenM Schiphol Airport

Capsule 6

If you would like to know more about capsule hotels or any other airline-related trends, please contact us. Watch this space for YourStudio’s next trend snapshot!

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