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Posted 27/11/15 by YourStudio

YourStudio's most recent work has launched as we bring Christmas to Eastland, Melbourne. To celebrate this festive campaign, we have put together a blogpost giving you a peek into our project in Australia, followed by our Top 5 Christmas Moments for 2015.

Have a wonderful holiday season and enjoy!

11 EastlandThe Crystal Tree

Working with QIC in Australia we developed the Christmas Campaign at Eastland with Christmas re-imagined through the magical, mysterious and multi-faceted perspective of a crystal.

Creating a focal point for Christmas at Eastland is the multi-faceted Crystal Tree which embodies the emotion of Christmas and reflects the energy of Eastland.

12 EastlandThe Christmas Glade 

We take visitors on an enchanting journey of discovery through the Christmas Glade - a lush and magical forest floor with woodland creatures, greenery and fir trees. Magical moments delight explorers, encouraging involvement and making memories.


Top 5 Christmas Moments

Amazing installations challenging the traditional   to create some dazzling Christmas moments 

The holiday season is around the corner and Christmas installations are popping up everywhere. Future Christmas campaigns dare to question the traditional and create bold, mesmerizing and engaging experiences to stand out from the rest.

The team at YourStudio have been looking into the most memorable, immersive and experiential Christmas installations and campaigns this year.

Here is our Top 5!


1. Barneys, New York

1 Barneys

2 Barneys

Immersive - Live Performance - Collaborative

Inspired by a winter narrative around the game Penguin Chase, Barneys showcase the ice-themed 'Chillin' Out' Christmas campaign. Collaborations with Lexus, ice carvers, frozen sculptors and artist Dale Chihuly create immersive and mesmerizing windows inspired by ice. One of the most outstanding window displays is a 35-foot frozen workspace hosting live performances by ice carvers from Okamoto Studios. The carvers shape 20 by 30 inch block into holiday-themed sculptures in front of pedestrians'eyes. Another fridge-inspired window installation has a huge iceblock sprayed with water to make intricate and natural patterns. 


2. Selfridges

3 Selfridges

4 Selfridges

5 Selfridges

Total Experience - Personalised by the Zodiac

Selfridges challenges the traditional Christmas icons and creates a holiday feeling without a single tree. 'Journey by the Stars' is inspired by the Star of Bethlehem and the 12 windows represent the 12 zodiac signs. The concept continues in-store with the Astrolounge retail and event space, online you can find a personalised selection of items in relation to your star sign.


3. Bompas & Parr, The Shard

 6 Bompasparr

Experiential - Unique - Multi-Sensory

The Shard's 'Height of Winter' by Bompas and Parr sees a collaboration with perfumers, composers, psychologists, neuroscientists and professors of visual culture to create an enchanting winter experience, based on the five principles of romance. 

The height of winter is a multi sensory experience, with a touch-responsive iridescent grotto, bespoke scents and specially designed soundscapes to provoke feelings of romance and nostalgia.   To complete the experience, visitors are offered evocative edible treats such as Snow White hot chocolate, mulled champagne and Christmas candy floss. 


4. Burberry, London

7 Burberry

Social - Interactive - Digital

Burberry collaborates with Google to create an interactive installation inspired by Billy Elliot, inviting customers to star in their Christmas campaign. An in-store booth is specially designed for visitors to create their very own 15-second Burberry campaign video and then sharable online.


5. Harvey Nichols, London

8 Harveynichols

Light-Hearted - Witty

Harvey Nichols once again takes the joke on family Christmas gifting with this year's campaign 'Avoid #giftface'. This year's campaign is both recognisable and humorous and the translation from campaign to window is cleverly done. 


We're a curious bunch… 

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