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Posted 25/11/11 by Your Studio

Xmas Windows 1

We, at YourStudio, absolutely love it when we see something creative in the commercial realm.  And this week, we were equally inspired and made to laugh by Chanel’s amazing new Christmas windows in the Parisienne department store Printemps. Little mini-Karl Lagerfields dance up and down like Thunderbirds puppets, each multiple perfectly dressed in the staple black skinny jeans, high-collared white shirt and pussy bow-tie.  Wonderful!  Here are a few of our favourite Christmas windows of the season... enjoy!

Xmas Windows 2

See Karl in action here, replete with cute French accordian music:

Fame Monster Lady Gaga has been the sole inspiration for Barney’s New York with their ‘hairy’ window made entirely from wig hair to represent her different bouffants over the past seasons.

Xmas Windows 3

Hairy but true... Gaga’s Boudoir, just one of the Lady Gaga windows created by the visionary Nicola Formichetti.  This one made entirely of wig hair.  Novel!

Xmas Windows 4

Barney’s extend the window theme online where you can join Gaga’s Workshop and spend countless hours seeing whether you’ve won a prize...

Xmas Windows 5

Liberty’s of London dazzle with these gorgeous taxidermy swans.  I wonder if the Queen knows they’re missing!

Xmas Windows 6

Staying on the bird theme, although these windows are not this year, and are not Christmas windows, we just had to put them in, as they follow the theme and are one of our all-time favourites.  Terence Koh for Lanvin, Madison Avenue, New York.  A snow-filled window with two beautiful albino-white peacocks.  How lovely...

Xmas Windows 7

Xmas Windows 8

H&M’s Oxford Street store, London has Lanvin-esque mannequins and a white winter wonderland with flocked deers and stags and white silver birch trees.

Xmas Windows 9

We will be continuing to collect our photos of our favourite windows this year and will bring you more as we get them!

Happy Christmas shopping from all at YourStudio!

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