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In a hyper-personalized society the consumer is on the center-stage. People like to be personally involved in the things they buy and that is where co-creation is born. Democratization of technology creates tools for DIY as people still seek for an exclusive product in the mass-production surrounding them. Personalized experiences are becoming an expectation and both the human and digital experience of service are critical point of difference. 

In this blogpost we would like to show four different types of Co-Creation; Customization, Social Currency, Brand Involvement and Consumer Platform. 


Customization is a brand experience involving the customer and giving a peek in the production process. Professional guidance helps create personalized and exclusive take aways. The curation of the presented assets needs to balance between the available choices and visibility of the brand identity.

“People will remember an experience more than they remember a product, so if we can link the two together that adds meaning.”
- James Brown, Hostem.

Co Creation1References; Nixon, Knyttan, Our/Vodka, Magnum


Social Currency
Consumers share their social network with brands and represent them online in exchange for exclusive benefits. 

Co Creation2References; Daisy by Marc Jacobs1888 hotel, Carlsberg, Nokia Lumia 630 #100aires


Brand Involvement
Brands create a platform involving the consumer.  By creating content for the brand the consumer becomes the brands identity. 

Co Creation3
References; Jimmy Choo, TopshopToms, Sephora

Consumer Platform
A platform created for consumers, by consumers. Sharing benefits and knowledge, they collaborate to create the best possible outcome. 

Co Creation4References; Nest we grow, Makerscafé, New Inc., Jameson Works

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