Designing Emotions: Part I

Posted 23/07/18 by Your Studio

Tapping into fundamental motivations & fulfilling emotional needs


Create moments of delight to make customers smile

The Museum Of Ice Cream In LA Yellowtrace 01 Web

The Museum of Ice Cream

The Museum of Ice Cream is an immersive and playful homage to its namesake, complete with a swimmable pool filled with one hundred million multi coloured sprinkles, rooms with giant popsicles and a banana split installation comprising of ten thousand bananas. Installations incite joy and encourage museum-goers to indulge their inner child.

The Museum Of Ice Cream In LA Yellowtrace 23

"The Museum developed over 30 ice cream inspired scents and flavours."

> Waterslide

> Ice cream parlour

> Build your own ice cream

> Scents of summer

> 10,000 sq ft and over 3000 visitors per day



Immersive experiences that surprise and delight

Drawing On The Water Surface Created By The Dance Of Koi And People Infinity 08

Zhongshu Bookstore

Zhongshu Bookstore, divided into four zones, transports visitors into a world of flamboyant psychedelia. The Castle of Innocence is an immersive, playful corner of the store that was designed to house books for little people. The Cave of Fireflies is a dark tunnel that leads customers through a weave of fibre optics which create an immersive soundtrack, transporting you to different story narratives.

> 4 themed zones

> Maze of fibre-optics

> Designated children's area with tents for reading

Zhongshubookstoresuzhousmall Web

 TEA x teamLab

At maison et objet 2017, teamLab collaborated with EN TEA for a virtual reality installation that sees flowers grow and blossom in a tea-filled cup. The virtual blossoms are directly influenced by the viewers, their behaviour bringing about continual transformation.

Teamlab Maison Objet En Tea Interactive Digital Installation Designboom 01

> Unique virtual reality experiences

> Blossoms are influenced directly by viewer

"A single moment between the visitor and their cup of tea can never be seen again and will never be repeated."



Delivering inspiring, nourishing and optimising human-centred experiences

Music Matters At Selfridges 2017 Summer Campaign Instore Displays1 Web

Music Matters

Selfridge's campaign  'Music Matters', is designed to highlight the continuing challenge emerging music acts face where they are unable to pay for expensive venues when seeking to perform live on stage. The campaign is integrated from the windows through to in-store displays, products, a pop-up record vinyl store and the opening of the live music venue in Ultralounge.

> Curated live music with exclusive crowd

> Audio-visual collaborations

> Themed window displays

Music Matters Selfridges Main


Roca's showroom in Beijing blurs lines between interior and external environments, projecting imagery onto its transparent windows which encourages passerbys to stop and watch. Bathroom scenes of the everyday play out, allowing viewers an intimate perspective into how Roca's bathrooms could fit into their lives.

MAD Roca Beijing Gallery 01 Web

"While a showroom is meant to display products for sale, it can also be a place to put on a show."

> External projections of product in daily use

> Internal projections of natural landscapes

MAD Roca Beijing Gallery 03 Web



Creating emotive human experiences can forge powerful connections with customers and leave lasting impressions. Give real thought to how your customers feel when experiencing your brand and what emotions can drive the most desired and profitable behaviours.

Joy:  Put a smile on customer's faces and ensure they leave happier than when they arrived

Wonder: Push the boundries and bathe people in new experiences that wah away the everyday

Empathy: Consider how your brand can remove your customer's pain points and support their goals

"Emotionally engaged customers are at least three times more likely to recommend your product or service, three times more likely to re-purchase."
Harvard Business Review

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