Designing Emotions: Part II

Posted 13/08/18 by Your Studio

Tapping into fundamental motivations & fulfilling emotional needs


Inspiring environments that take customers to other worlds

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Enoteca dai Tosi

Enoteca dai Tosi is a gracefully designed and articulated wine bar situated in Matera, Italy. The town is famous for its houses that have been dug into intricate rock formations - and the wine bar upholds this tradition with an elegance which seems as though its always been there.

> Crafted in local materials

> Redefines tradition

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"It's as though it was brought to life through the cautious mining of an archaeological dig."


The Glade

The Glade in Sketch has recently been refurbished into a highly sensorial and immersive enchanted forest, complete with hand-woven carpet reminiscent of a forest floor. Lighting mimics rays of dappled sunlight through tree brances, and a self-playing illuminated piano creates magical ambience.

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> 32 seater all-day service

> Découpage forest by Quartermaine

> Hand-woven carpet by sculptor Alexandra Kehayoglou

> Self-playing piano



Create spaces to inspire people to make positive changes


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Anonymous art collective luzinterruptus installed a labyrinth of 15,000 plastic bottles in Madrid's plaza mayor, visualising the amount of waste we generate daily. The structure is intricate and narrow, creating disorientation for visitors. A lack of reference points combined with the heat and smell of the plastic enhances the feeling of oppression.

> 15,000 plastic bottles

> 10ft walls in a 558ft maze

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Nærvær is a cosy wine bar and restaurant that seats an intimate 14 people. Customers dine looking over the picturesque canal, whilst watching goings-on in the kitchen. The atmosphere of the restaurant fosters connection, encouraging diners to slow down and reflect.

> Seats 14 people

> Locally sourced food in a calming atmosphere

> Views of nature & kitchen

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Support the optimisation of your customers

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Nike's new campaign pushes it's slogan 'Just Do It' to new extremes. A series of four shorts show athletes going to ridiculous lengths to banish the easy way out - using a wry sense of humour to convey the message of setting ever more difficult goals for oneself,just doing it.

> 4 videos featuring athletes doing extreme things

> Poster campaign paired with it

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Adidas has released it's free 360 degree app 'All Day' - covering everything from eating well, getting active and making sure you get a good night's rest. Designed specifically for women to help them live their best life, it offers recipes, trainers, activity tracking and a mental health focus on meditation and sleep tracks.

> Aimed on the female athlete

> Four areas of focus: movement, mindset, rest and nutrition


"Adidas All Day will initially focus on the female athlete."




Creating emotive human experiences can forge powerful connections with customers and leave lasting impressions. Give real thought to how your customers feel when experiencing your brand and what emotions can drive the most desired and profitable behaviours.


Awe: Use the power of spectacle to leave customers fully immersed in their surrounded

Reflection: Allow custoers the time to reflect on themselves and the world around them

Determined: Motivate your customers by inspiring them to better themselves


"On a lifetime value basis, emotionally connected customers are more than twice as valuable as highly satisfied customers."


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