Designing Emotions: Part III

Posted 30/08/18 by Your Studio

Tapping into fundamental motivations & fulfilling emotional needs


The perception of inspiration, newness and near-instant gratification exceeds rising expectations and creates continuous return and loyalty

 00 Selfridges The Flipside April May 2018 High Res 2 Web

The Flipside, Selfridges, London 

An exhibition in The Old Selfridges hotel, exploring the concepts of 'radical luxury'. Installations are created in a concrete maze of darkened rooms, activated by technology and sensorial elements.

Including collaborations with Louis Vuitton, Loewe, Gareth Pugh and Thom Browne.

 SELFRIDGES THE FLIPSIDE April May 2018 Low Res 11 Web

"The last, best experience that anyone has anywhere becomes the minimum expectation for the experiences they want everywhere." 

Paul Papas, Global leader IBM


Out Of The Blue, London Berkeley Hotel 

Cocktail tasting experience - an intriguing, secret space, where guests can explore ways that sensory stimulation can alter flavour perceptions. Created in partnership with Bacardi, it is an half-hour 360- degree immersive environment designed to awaken all five senses. It is at the forefront of removing the menu, thus eliminating preconceived thought on the drink at hand.

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"The success of bricks-and-mortar retail is no longer determined by sales per square foot but the benefits of creating inspirational spaces that enable consumers to experience a brand on a deeper, physical level." 

- LSN Global



Reconsidering the purpose of brick-and-mortar, merging physical service touchpoints with digital convenience to make the experience more meaningful and compelling.

Hero 11 Web

Nike Live, Melrose Avenue Los Angeles 

A new concept store using real-time data to adapt and reflect to the preferences of local NikePlus members. Customers receive advice on lifestyle and performance wear at the sneaker bar, and a vending machine unlocks free products every 2 weeks.

Nikeplus Unlock Box 1 Web

"As well as being the first Nike live destination, we will also test services that can then roll out to other Nike stores, combining digital features with a unique physical environment to create the future of nike retail." 

Heidi O'Neill, president of Nike Direct.


Nordstrom Local 

A service-focussed concept, bridging the gap between online shopping and bricks and mortar. The space features no inventory, but allows customers to make a free appointment with a stylist, garment alterations, beauty treatments and more.

Nordstrom Local 8 Web

"Personalisation is using everything that you know about your customer, to drive a meaningful experience with that customer in each moment." 

David Brussin, Founder of Monetate



Connecting people and brand through inviting experiences.


Sf 8 Web

Apple Store, San Francisco

The store collaborates with local experts on art, music, tech, photography and gaming via daily sessions in the Forum (a space occupying over 20% of the store). In addition the outdoor plaza boasts a 24/7, 200 seater back yard with free wifi and the Conference room facilitates workshops and meetings between local entrepreneurs.

Todayatapple Social Web

"On a lifetime value basis, emotionally connected customers are more than twice as valuable as highly satisfied customers." 

Harvard Business Review


Take Outs

Creating emotive human experiences can forge powerful connections with customers and leave lasting impressions. Give real thought to how your customers feel when experiencing your brand and what emotions can drive the most desired and profitable behaviours.

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