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Posted 19/10/15 by Yourstudio

Having just got back from Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, the YourStudio team have put together highlights exploring this year's themes: Ancient materials being given a new lease of life with new technologies, future-proofing societies through food, technology and wellbeing, and exploring cultural riches and rituals across the globe.

1Event Organized by Design Academy Eindhoven

A much anticipated show is that of the 2015 graduates from Design Academy Eindhoven. This year the work looks at how we cope with the complex culture in which we find ourselves. In this quest, they have designed alternatives addressing a range issues relating to global societies, exploring race, ethnicity, dematerialization, humanizing technology and tactility.  

A few picks from this show sees Bastiaan de Nennie propose principles in idea-generation for the computer age and Alix Bizet use hair to show diversity in a society increasingly standardized by a dominant model.  

2I Eat, Therefore I Am, ICE intelligentsia

A favourite theme of ours, 'food and narrative' is a focus this year at DDW.  I Eat, Therefore I Am is a special gourmet dinner by ICE intelligentsia, based around the central idea of becoming aware of your own personality and experience. Intuitive choices and responses determine what you eat and your path through the space as a personal exploration into alternative food consumption.

Digesting Stories @ CoffeeYou investigates the smell of coffee and fresh bread. Food Food Non, four students from DAE look at society and the food system, how we deal with food-production,  economy, materials, the environment and each other.

Michal Avraham plays with perception - starting with shape and ending in taste. From this exploration of the boundaries between food and design emerges a series of edible stones. 

3Nothing Thing

Materials & technological technique  can be seen in the work of Atelier Robotiq who design and manufacture products by wrapping fibers with an industrial robot. Complex shapes and geometric patterns are wrapped for the production of lightweight furniture and lamps. 

While the virtual has become an increasingly important part of our everyday reality, designers are focusing on the world of the unseen and intangible. 

Following on this theme Matmatic's chair brings together colour and pattern in the traditional craft of rattan. Innovation takes place on the basis of experimentation with colour and pattern. The patterns of the mats are then translated into a computer algorithm that allows engineers, carpenters and chair matters to jointly develop new innovative patterns. 


We've noticed a growing interest in the end of life. At Eindhoven two projects explore this sensitive topic in a beautiful way. The traditions surrounding death are different for all cultures, in the Western culture especially the sense of ritual has diluted. After is inspired by the different traditions and rituals of the six great world religions. This project is a collection of products for every religion, inspired by traditions and culture, laying bare the beauty of the traditions surrounding the death of a person. 

Visser & Meijwaard, Studio KnockOut and Linda Nieuwstad present a setting in which you do want to be found dead. For the departed, nothing but the best! Kassiewijle is a colourful alternative for the farewell. Because a last impression can be left only once.

5Circus of Life

Ending on a high, Circus of Life helps you discover the possibilities of exploring and redesigning your own body and mind through; a ball pit, disco booth, live radio lecture, design expo, massages, movie + live music evening, poster exhibits, 365 days Successful seminar, live drawing wall, design workshops, food + fire = fun party, + wall mirror writing, self-test of, gardening, laugh-coaching, drinks all day .. and so much more. 

We know where we will be spending a lot of our time! Have fun!


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