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Posted 08/06/15 by Sarah Leslie

Your Studio’s internal trends and insights team, YS Groundwork, have been investigating the changing food and retail landscape to bring you the latest sector insights and opportunities for your brand.

The food service and retail landscape is changing and boundaries blurring as new lifestyle experiences, community and wellbeing spaces arise to meet customer’s changing needs and desires.

In this blogpost we will discuss the first of five trends: Art of Living

Shopping behaviours and customer expectations have changed, in response brands are creating inviting destinations merging retail and leisure. Stores are no longer just a vendor of goods but go beyond to offer compelling experiences.



Café Ferdinand, commissioned by Vodafone, is an in-store café named after Ferdinand Braun, pioneer of modern telecommunication. The space offers a heritage inspired brand experience for both customers and passers by of the Vodafone store. Vodafone created a new brand and design language inspired by old school phones, classrooms and a curated collection of furniture. Café Ferdinand is a great example of a brand offering a retail experience that goes beyond selling products.




Hutspot is a mini department store in Amsterdam, curating goods within interior, beauty, fashion, jewellery and homeware. They were founded as a platform for creativity, offering a podium for ideas, products and people to introduce themselves to the mass audience. Besides its retail environment, Hutspot creates an engaging experience through their gallery, barber, lunch area, flexible workspaces, workshops and private event dinners. It is important as a brand to create experiences that expand the role of the store in a genuine and experimental way. 




Joint café and workspace hosts a series of spaces, intended as a workspace for all, from fixed desks, hot desks, corner space seats, meeting rooms together with a corner café serving a range of drinks and snacks. These new food service environments offer nomad workers the perfect mix between work and leisure.


 “Bespoke is a trifecta of coworking, demo, and event spaces strategically located at Westfield San Francisco in the epicenter of downtown, where tech and retail marketplaces converge.”

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