Spotlight on: Food and Retail 3/5

Posted 08/06/15 by Sarah Leslie

In this post we will discuss the third of five trends, which look at the food service and retail landscape: Immersive Experiences

As people are tired of the post-recession austerity, they look for experiences to escape and awaken their senses. Immersive dining experiences are becoming fully experiential, culinary adventures – designers are using food as a medium to entertain.



Gingerline is a secret dining adventure creating immersive pop-up events along the east London railway. Combining a journey around art, theatre, food and design, Gingerline creates an experimental multidimensional dining experience involving different food courses and drinks, all found in a hidden location in London. 


Bibo is a culinary concept in Hong Kong, exploring the relationship between art and food. Along the luxury fine French cuisine, the space has become a studio celebrating the contemporary and street artists like Banksy, Damien Hirst and Jeff Koons. It also encourages new work, inviting creatives from around the world to undertake independent projects. The lines between entertainment and dining are merging in this culinary museum located on Hollywood road. 



Suntory’s Hikibi whisky creates a multi-sensory experience involving an interactive whisky glass. The glass is equipped with electrical sensors that pick up movement and touch, as users blow, tilt, tap or drink. The glass, linked to the walls and speakers of the bar, will create sounds and visualisations themed around four seasons. 

We’re a curious bunch…

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