Spotlight on: Food and Retail 2/5

Posted 08/06/15 by Sarah Leslie

In this post we will discuss the second of five trends, which look at the food service and retail landscape: Well and Good 

Health and wellbeing is growing in awareness and importance as people look for nourishment for both body and mind. People are seeking products and experiences which positively nourish and restore. 


The Glasshouse, London is a bar within Indian restaurant Carom in Soho. Along the natural green setting they offer light therapy in response to the unpredictable British weather. Visiting the bar, you can order drinks from a special summer cocktail menu, for example the Grape Julep, containing vitamin D. People are drawn to retail environments evoking the feeling of nature, as they promote relaxation, contemplation and mental clarity. In workspaces it has been proven to reduce stress and mental fatigue. 



Take Root is an intimate dining room in Brooklyn, New York. As they say themselves it is a noshery and yoga room, where the owners Elise Kornack and Anna Hieronimus cook dinners and teach yoga. Open from Thursday, until Sunday they offer a special tasting menu called ‘Rooted’, a five course tasting menu in a cosy and personal setting. It is a rare and unique dining experience, embracing their motto ‘feeding body and soul’. 



Matcha bar is the first specialty matcha café in New York. Matcha is a Japanese powder green tea, good for calm-alertness, sustained focus, disease prevention, immunity support, the lasting effect of caffeine without jitters, an increased metabolism and long-term health. Matcha bar is a café embracing all the good of matcha tea and apart from their café, they offer Matcha goods for at home as well as workshops. 

We’re a curious bunch… 

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