Spotlight on: Food and Retail 5/5

Posted 08/06/15 by Sarah Leslie

In this post we will discuss the fifth of five trends, which look at the food service and retail landscape: Working Process 

Greater interest in provenance, raw ingredients and production processes of food, fashion and products has driven a need for greater transparency. Now, more than ever, it is important for brands to open up, show provenance and practice to show authenticity and quality, gain trust and build loyalty.


East London distillery, bar and shop based in an old glue factory in Bow Wharf. East London is bringing back the art of distilling, by opening up their production process, theatrically placed behind the bar. In their bar you can have a cocktail, featuring their own spirits and acknowledging the rich heritage of gin production around the world, enjoying the view of the distillery of their back.



The Quality Chop House restaurant offers the best of Britain, farm meat, butchered in the restaurant and seasonal products. Next door, they have opened the Quality Chop shop, a butcher and food shop, selling all raw products used in the restaurant, along with cakes, sweet treats, pies, sourced cheese, charcuterie, fruit & veg and their daily staples. Being fully open where they source their products and which ingredients they use in their restaurant, they create an appealing destination for the considered shopper. 




Starbucks has opened a Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room opened in Seattle. They create an immersive coffee experience including a transparent journey from bean to cup. The beans will travel through clear copper tubes all around the space, inviting customers to follow a bean, from roasting to brewing to coffee in a cup.

We’re a curious bunch… 

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