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Posted 29/07/14 by Your Studio

Post1 I recently watched Spike Jonze’s Her and was really impressed by his take on future workspace (amongst other future scenarios). The image Spike Jonze paints is inspiring, optimistic and shows how nice a well-designed office can feel.
Post2 The image Spike Jonze paints is inspiring, optimistic and shows how nice a well-designed office can feel. Theo Twombly (Joaquin Phoenix)’s desk space- the perfect sanctuary for focused work. Beautiful soft green leathers and transparent screens flood colour into the space. Note the lovely wooden trim of his monitor screen to balance out its techy function. What’s refreshing to see is an interior that includes warm, aged materials as well as the shiny high-gloss finishes- designing this future setting hasn’t involved ditching history in the process. We’ve been doing a lot of research here at YourStudio as to what makes the perfect working environment. Despite the obvious allure of crazy ‘wow’ areas, indoor cycle tracks and colourful break-out areas, it’s the attention that goes into creating perfect enclaves for concentration that helps to improve productivity and innovation the most. ‘Balanced focus and collaboration lead to 30% more innovation in the workplace’ Cornell University. We don’t want to forget how important the social and collaborative spaces are, as well as the small details we all notice, the grain of wood on our desk, the pot of flowers on our desk that all go towards humanising the working experience. Post3 The perfect enclave for private work but open and inviting for one-to-one catch-ups. Nice coat rack tree in background… Post4 Love the mix of the ’50s style dome lamps on each desks, the translucent coloured screens and light-filled circulation spaces. Note the illustration on the wall in the foreground- a great way to make wayfinding more engaging. We’re designing some really exciting workspaces here at YourStudio. This film was a subtle reassurance that by balancing natural light, uplifting colours and selecting a balanced palette of materials including those which age beautifully with time, are the key ingredients to us feeling happy and inspired by our working environments. Post5 Even the ‘Her’ smartphone screen graphics has that analogue old-school look which adds to the believability of this future scenario. If you have an innovative and dynamic company but a lacklustre workspace, why not contact us here at YourStudio for a free consultation on how to make it better? Watch this space.

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