Hermès Wanderland

Posted 29/04/15 by Sarita Pannekoek


The upper level of Saatchi Gallery hosts Hermès Wanderland, curated by Ben Gaudichon, an inspiring, digitally immersive and engaging exhibition, that ties neatly in the brands current ad campaign: ‘flâneur forever’. 

“The theme flânerie is so important to Hermes because the wonderfully liberating art of urban wandering is a second nature to the brand.”
 - Pierre-Alexis Dumas, artistic director. 


In 11 whimsical, yet surreal rooms, visitors wander around and discover artifacts gathered from the house’s archive and Emile Hermès’ personal, 30.000 items strong collection. 

Strolling down the Paris-inspired exhibition all the different aspects of the flaneur are highlighted. In one of the first rooms visitors get introduced to the walking stick, the flaneur’s prop and The Wardrobe, a dressing room split down the middle, highlights the two sides of the flaneur’s day and night. 


While exploring various types of installations, its the little details that count - a spinning ballerina is found in a tea cup in the Café of Forgotten Objects and you can discover the thoughts of those you pass by the street at The Crossroads. 

“My hope is that people come to the show, maybe forget reality, and then look at their own city with new eyes. We must never lose our ability to dream, to wander, to go with the flow and let ourselves be surprised.” - Pierre-Alexis Dumas, artistic director. 



Hermès Wanderland will run until the 2 May at the Saatchi Gallery, before it will travel to Paris and Milan. 

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