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Posted 21/07/14 by Your Studio

At this years London Design Festival we noticed running trends across the different events. One which we are highlighting is the occurrence of high-end vintage furniture.

Whereas vintage furniture and accessories have been seen traditionally as a fairly inexpensive way to add character to an interior, the vintage market has evolved to reflect people’s increasing discernment as to what they’re buying. Design Junction dedicated one major section of the ground floor to vintage, and what was interesting was to see this as a reflection of the increasing segmentation of this sector. We used to see ‘vintage’ as a re-branding of ‘second-hand’ but it is fast shifting to become synonymous with the world of ‘antiques’ with dealers specialising in niche products such as 1950s upholstered furniture or 1960s industrial light fittings. Unsurprisingly the prices are rising fast to reflect this shift but this increased level of discerned curation will keep developing in line with contemporary design.

Vintage 1

Lucy Turner’s retro furniture was exhibited alongside collections from all exhibitors, with some really creative design modifications and upcycling on display. Lucy Turner was a great example of this, the classic shapes of her furniture and the vintage inspired prints had a vintage appeal.

Vintage 2

Augustus Greaves, was a specialist in finding exceptional pieces of design some of which were being shown off at Design Junction.

Vintage 3

Vintage 4

Tent had some examples of this next generation of vintage and upcycling with vintage inspired designer furniture from New Vintage Collective and the very creative upcycling from The Rag And Bone Man.

Vintage 5

Munna / Ginger & Jagger at Tent displayed pieces which used natural elements that also had a glamourous nod to the 70′s and 80′s. Luxuriously padded and rich velvet upholstered armchairs sat with brass side tables.

Vintage 6

On the up: Dealers specialising in niche areas of vintage design Key 1970s pieces of design (think The Ice Storm not Sodastream)

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