Hotels - Blurring, Work, Rest and Play

Posted 30/11/15 by Cassie Isherwood

November's Sleep Hotel Design conference in London highlighted the shift of hotel spaces moving towards meeting the needs of the social and nomadic worker. 

The traditional borders between work, rest and play are breaking down and our separate modes for each are beginning to blur. 

Sleep6Liverpool Street's Andaz hotel has launched a new after-work  space dedicated to start-ups.

This blur is impacting on how we design retail, hospitality and work environments. For hotel and hospitality design, the changing way we work and the rise of the connected and mobile worker means these spaces are becoming the default workplace where people choose to work, have meetings and be inspired. 

Sleep5Ace Hotel Lobby used as nomad workspace

Hotels are changing to accommodate both local and travelling workers, beginning to explore each of the spaces within the hotel from today's connected and casual workspace perspective - guest rooms become private meeting rooms and lobbies become relaxed social workspaces.

To find out more about how this blur impacts on your hotels, workspaces or retail stores get in touch with

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