Hotels - Setting The Scene

Posted 30/11/15 by Cassie Isherwood

Spaces and sets at November's Sleep Hotel Design conference in London shows an injection of theatre and narrative into hotel design - designed to create unique experiences.

New hotel design is beginning to inject some of the theatre that retail design has been exploring over the last few years.

Sleep8Gentle Monster create theatre at retail in Seoul

The mindset and expectations of travellers and hotel guests is changing - online booking and recommendation sites, the rise of airbnb and the desire for local knowledge and differentiation, as well as changing guest needs have led to fierce competition in the sector. Instagramable moment? 

Sleep7Interface, Hospitality brings natural narratives into room sets

In order to create desirable and distinctive experiences that appeal - hotels are beginning to explore narrative and theatre through design - looking at how the architecture and space tells a story to engage and drive loyalty.

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