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Posted 11/09/11 by Your Studio

Each month, one of our team at YourStudio bring you their favourite current events/ happenings or ‘must-sees’. This month, Isobel Scott, one of our talented 3D Designers, brings you her top five:

1. Phyllida Barlow’s debut show ‘RIG’ in Hauser & Wirth, Piccadilly, London.

I love this exhibition for its’ use of textiles and the ultra-dramatic use of this galleries space by Phyllida Barlow.  Seemingly sqeezed into every large oak-panelled room are a series of huge, crane-like abstract structures, always an interesting mix of hard and soft materials, from stilted lumps of concrete wrapped in giant silk slips to planks of raw wood dipped in concrete and wrapped in an array of coloured fabrics.  The sculptures and colours inhabit the space, making you feel totally surrounded forming your path through the gallery.

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2. Little Dragon album – Ritual Reunion

Issy 5

3. Chanel takes over Harrods – featured in YourStudio’s blog post: Wow Windows!

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4. Patternity
Inspirational contemporary imagery.

Issy 9

5. House of Hackney – My favourite, off-the-wall, edgy brand, local to me in East London. Contemporary furnishings are mixed with edgy styling and staging. They have also recently collaborated with with creative fashion store Opening Ceremony.  If you’d like to see some of their amazing store displays, you might like YourStudio’s Designer Experience.

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