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Posted 01/11/11 by Your Studio

This month, Ka Wai Wong, our energetic intern at YourStudio, brings you her top five inspirational ‘must-sees’.

1. Project Womb by Diddo – “After birth, the second biggest event in life is death. We asked ourselves, why isn’t death treated as naturally and gracefully as birth?”

The media-driven time capsule just made me rethink about life, death, and how our friends and families, but never we tell our stories after the end. The sentimentality behind the design is great. Allowing us to edit the impressions and memories to be recorded and updated over our lifetime by uploading music, images, videos and text onto a cloud-based media database, which can be shared publicly or privately, all in your own words.

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2. Digital Rico

During New York Fashion Week, Nicola Formichetti opened his first pop-up shop Nicola’s (featured in YourStudio’s blog post - Nicola’s, New York)  where he showcased a virtual fashion show! The tattooed model, Rick Genest – more famously known as Rico the Zombie Boy, has been digitalized walking the catwalk. It is truly amazing when they show a glimpse of how the digital Rico was formulated and it just makes you think: what is not possible in the near future in this digitalizing world?

3. Nendo – ’10 days 10 shelves’ Exhibition at Carpenters Workshop Gallery, London

Further to my love for Nendo’s Thin Black Lines, this pop-up installation they did at the gallery is equally remarkable in its visual effects. The Scatter Shelf is made of 5mm black acrylic pieces constructed together in a grid form, so that when viewed from the front, any objects on the shelf will appear to be caught in a web. Ten of these shelves were placed together in the installation, and created a kaleidoscopic effect when viewed from the side; as the shelves nearby are reflected on the glossy acrylic surface, making the shelf appear to be transparent.

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4. N Building, Tokyo

Now, the super-advanced technology trends in Japan have never ceased to amaze me, this is one of them. N Building, created by TeradaDesign Architects and Qosmo, in Tachikawa, Tokyo, where the entire façade of the building has been covered with a gigantic QR code. By scanning the QR code, you will be provided with shop information. A limited edition app allows the user to make reservations, download coupons, as well as view tweets and comments made by the people within the building in speech bubbles, following characters superimposed onto the video. Although it is rather scary to think that those outside can potentially stalk those inside the building, but the advance in the application of the simple technology will surely drive the digitalizing world forward.

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5. the GazettE – Toxic

The GazettE – one of the most popular and influential visual-kei Japanese rock band – is my long term favourite. Introducing their new album – Toxic.

Please enjoy.

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