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Coffee seems to be an ever-changing industry. Following on from our ‘coffee coalitions’ blog we have looked at some of the more unusual compliments to a coffee retail space. As you will see below peoples’ interest in coffee doesnt seem to tire, coffee lovers just invent new and more interesting experiences to complement a cup of the black stuff.

From bikes to rabbits and hair to oxygen, we hope you enjoy our round-up!

Kooky Coffee 1

Rapha Japan – Tokyo 2011

A unique pop-up Rapha shop arrived this year in Tokyo, which combines gallery, shop and café. It is a meeting place where riders can share their passion for cycling. Open until 24 July, 2011, the shop sells original and vintage cycles, and serves their own blend of coffee. For more cycle coffee shops see our blog on COFFEE COALITION: CYCLING CAFÉS

Kooky Coffee 2

Kooky Coffee 3

Rapha The Mobile Cycle Club –  2011

The Mobile Cycle Club will visit different places every week including the Paris Roubaix Challenge, the two Etape du Tour sportives, races in the UK and the World Championships in Copenhagen. The shop has a cool outdoor display, comprising of a grid of ring-hooks fixed to the side of the vehicle, allowing riders to decorate the environment at every stop!

Kooky Coffee 4

Gro’ hair & Café lounge

Gro’hair & café lounge is more than just a hair salon; it’s a combination of café and hair salon. Gro’ hair & Café lounge has a cafe-like atmosphere where you can talk and relax with a cup of joe.

Kooky Coffee 5

Lily’s Kitchen Diner – London

Lily’s Kitchen Diner is London’s first café to offer a dog’s breakfast, lunch and dinner (organic healthy foods) seven days a week. A herbalist, a dog behaviourist and a nutritionist will be on hand with health tips, table manners advice. Interesting!

Kooky Coffee 6

Kooky Coffee 7

Bompas & Parr ‘s Rabbit Café in Brighton

Jelly-meisters Bompas & Parr opened up quite a unique coffee offering earlier this year to coincide with Easter.  A pop-up rabbit café they created in Brighton allowed patrons to meet and pet 80 live white rabbits whilst sipping coffee at this quite bizarre coffee pop-up.

Kooky Coffee 8

Kooky Coffee 9

Oxygen bar for the dog – Tokyo

Pet business is expanding in Japan. Always a nation to fast-forward into the future, here is their first oxygen bar café exclusively for dogs in Tokyo. The dogs are placed in this glass cylinder and blasted with air for 30 minutes, then they feel better- phewee!!

Kooky Coffee 10

Chair Café – Tokyo

In Chair Café in Shinjyuku Park, Tokyo, a variety of different seats are available to choose from or purchase. Their menu that shows a collection of the worlds designer chairs so that you can choose a different chair to suit your mood each day. This is definitely one of the more unique café’s in Japan!

Kooky Coffee 11

Mahika Mano (Hammock Cafe)  – Tokyo

Mahika Mano café in Japan takes the seating experience one stage further, offering their clients hammocks to sit on whilst enjoying their drinks.  As well as their coffee, they offer live music, art exhibitions and installations, with the intention that you ‘feel like you have escaped away to a holiday island’.  Take me there now!

If you have spotted any unusual coffee collaborations or you would like us to design one for you, please feel free to get in touch: info@weareyourstudio.com

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