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Shoreditch Design Triangle round-up

At last week’s London Design Festival we managed to get out of the studio and visit some of the most interesting shows in the Shoreditch Design Triangle – here they are, in case you misssed it!

Super Stimuli 

Ace Hotel Four London designers each created a playful installation as a response to an existing space within Ace Hotel London. Our favourites were Bethan Laura Wood’s ‘Alter‘ a series of floral and ceramic arrangements inspired by altarpieces, harvest festivals and temple displays and Fabien Capello’s ‘Soft Play’ an installation of beanbags intended to provide contrast to the structured lobby furniture.

LDF 2014 1Bethan Laura Wood, Altar, Ace Hotel, London

LDF 2014 6
Soft Play by Fabien Capello, Ace Hotel London 

Eyes 4 

Society of Designer Craftsman Continuing the ceramic and floral aesthetic, Myung Nam An’s ceramic ‘Eyes 4’ series depict various interpretations of the human eye – using an array of colours and tactile forms to create these unique stand out pieces.

LDF 2014 4
Eyes 4 by Myung Nam An, Society of Designer Craftsman

Clouds Lights 

Gallery Fumi Paris-born Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert specialises in freehand glass blowing, a technique he uses to create art pieces and products. On display at Fumi were a series of translucent bulbous pendant lights called Clouds. Again an interesting technique and material used to create organic living forms.

LDF 2014 3
Clouds Lights, Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert, Fumi Gallery

The SCIN Gallery utilised its assets as a materials library to exhibit an array of unique future-focussed materials. An interesting find included the Artichoke Thistles & Bio-Resin Bricks – an eco friendly and completely biodegradable brick made from an unusual combination of ingredients – the result of which produces a durable yet highly resilient eco-plastic.

LDF 2014 2Artichoke thistles & bio-resin bricks, Scin Gallery Clerkenwell 

Simplified Beauty 

SCP East A “celebration of things made as they should be,”this exhibition, co-curated by SCP founder Sheridan Coakley and British-Japanese designer Reiko Kaneko, explores how different cultures approach simplicity and beauty. The Ishinomaki Laboratory present a range of commissioned products (right). Started in 2011 as a community workshop within the post-Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami landscape, the Laboratory has gone on to develop a range of simple products in the spirit of do-it-yourself.

LDF 2014 5
Simplified Beauty, SCP 

Future Archive 

YourStudio For this year‘s LDF, we presented the first instalment in our series of upcoming events showcasing pioneering design and uncovering the secrets of the future hidden in our daily lives. Artefacts from the Future Archive displayed at LDF 2014 were inspired by the future of workspace and featured new work by James Shaw and Nicholas Gardner, exploring themes of materiality and personalisation in the workplace.

LDF 2014 7STEELWALNUTCONCRETELEATHERGLASSCOOLFLAMES by James Shaw & Nicholas Gardner for Future Archive, YourStudio

Look out for upcoming reports on new materiality in design, changing hospitality landscapesand tactility and technology in retail. For more information, get in touch with us

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