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Posted 15/06/11 by Your Studio

For less than one week, Michael Clark brought his troupe of lean and lithe dancers to perform a site-specific piece of dance in the Turbine Hall at Tate Modern, London. Clad in array of black and white full-body unitards by Bodymap, the performers seemed to dance from the stripes on the op-art striped floor.  An amazing set of performances changed in tone as the music ranged through a crescendo of strong, rock music from David Bowie’s ‘Sweet Thing’ to Kraftwerk’s ‘Hall of Mirrors’.  Nothing can describe this piece of art where movement, lighting, sound and the space of the Turbine Hall were all so charged from 10.30pm till midnight.  Here are some pictures which hopefully convey a sense of the magic.

Michael Clark 1

Michael Clark 2

Michael Clark 3

Michael Clark 4

Michael Clark 5

Michael Clark 6

Michael Clark 7

Michael Clark 8
Michael Clark 9

Michael Clark 10

We are big fans of Michael Clark at Your Studio and recommend that you all keep your eyes peeled for his next performances.

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