Tate Modern Opens

Posted 13/06/16 by YourStudio

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Known Unknown


16 - 20 June Old Truman Brewery

"The more we know, the less we know. More questions answered, more questions asked. We do not know everything.'

Goldsmiths Design 2016, exploring the unfamiliar and complex fields of Known Unknowns. For more information visit the website here. 



Opening new Tate Modern building


17 - 19 June

An event showcasing the best of Tate and celebrating an iconic new building added to the existing gallery. More spaces are created for displaying the collection, performance and installation art, as well as more social spaces for visitors to relax and unwind. The three day event will hosts interactive activities and installations with emerging artists and creatives. For more information visit the website here. 



Free Range 2016


10 June - 18 July at Old Truman Brewery

Free range is a platform for new creative graduates to showcase their work on international level. For more information visit the website here. 


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