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Posted 08/02/16 by YourStudio

A cultural overview of current and upcoming happenings & must-sees, giving an insight in the YS weekly inspirations.  


Betty Woodman: Theatre of the Domestic at the ICA


3 February - 10 April

The first UK solo presentation of Betty Woodman, a contemporary ceramics artist. The exhibition focusses on her work from the last ten years, including some new mixed media pieces. She is known for her conceptual boldness and ambitious experimentation, combining unlikely materials to create unique series.

For more information visit the ICA website here. 


Handel & Hendrix


Opens 9 February at the Handel House in Brooke street

The exhibition Handel and Hendrix celebrates the influences and successes of these two musical geniuses. The experience is a collision of the two conflicting worlds, only separated by a wall & two centuries. Along with the exhibition there will be rehearsals, masterclasses, Saturday talks, Thursday Live concerts and themed events.

For more information visit the website here. 


Uncube Magazine


Uncube is a digital magazine about architecture and beyond. The format is an interactive online magazine, you can browse through, read inspiring articles, beautiful curated with casestudies and nicely designed graphics. Each month a new theme comes out to read, our favorite is the issue about Hans Hollein, click the link here to see what it is all about.


Performing Sculpture by Alexander Calder at the Tate Modern


Until 3 April

Alexander Calder is an American sculptor, who is known for his kinetic installations, bringing movement to static objects. The term mobiles was invented by Marcel Duchamp to describe the creations made by Calder.

The exhibition will reveal how motion, performance and theatre underpinned his practice and will bring his big and famous pieces like the Black Widow (of four meters tall) to the UK.

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