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Posted 26/02/15 by Sarita Pannekoek

Technology is a core element in our current lives and it has huge impact on our lifestyle; we live at a fast-pace and are always connected with the rest of the world. The counter-side of this trend is a sense of loneliness, a crisis of identity, and the high stress of a demanding life. Through three blog posts, we explore each theme ‘connect, experience and material’, which show how designers are seeking solutions to these conditions. By offering social interaction, sensorial experiences and invisible technology to run in the backgrounds of our lives. The new focus is on life and its surroundings instead of our multiple screens.

CONNECT explores our reactions to ubiquitous technology and online living, from using data to analyze our lives, to addressing the loneliness of online living and crafting online identity.

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Technology has made it possible to be everywhere and with everyone all the time, but still feel alone. New technology is trying to help people have more emotional interactions to enhance social conversations and happiness.

References; Tactilu Bracelet by Pan Generator, Thermobooth by taliaYstudio, Holdable camera by taliaYstudio, Somebody app, Seperate Togetherness by Penny Web

‘I share, therefore I am,’ Renny Gleeson.
Our reality has become less important then the story we tell. People are experimenting with their new multiple online identities. Truth and fantasy, fact and fiction are mixed to create new story lines in our lives.

References; Topshop VR window, Nobumichi Asai - Omote Facetracking, Asos

‘It will be included in people’s brains.. Eventually you will have the implant, where if you think about a fact it will just tell you the answer.’ Larry Page (Google founder) 

People crave knowledge and data. We collect information about our daily lives like to share this with our friends. Computers slowly are creeping closer and even inside the body to allow us to gather ever more detailed information.

References; Smart contact lens by Google, Biostamp by MC10

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