New Frontiers - 2

Posted 26/02/15 by Sarita Pannekoek

This is the second of three blog posts exploring the themes ‘connect, experience and material’. These themes look at how designers are seeking solutions to some of the impact technology has had on our lives. Design that focuses is on life and its surroundings instead of our multiple screens.

EXPERIENCE explores our appetite for real life multi-sensory experiences and environments as an antidote to the digital world.

New Frontiers P2

Designers are responding to our appetite for human and sensory interactions by creating multi-sensory experiences to resonate in ways that go beyond space and objects. Creating experiences that people can’t possibly get online.

References; Scent Vase by Carline Ronzon-Jaricot, Constellation by PanGenerator, Fragrance Laboratory by Selfridges, Paco Roncero Workshop, Philips pop up


The need for moments of escape from our fast-paced digital life is causing us to crave nature. Installations are being inspired by a rich and abstract spectrum of organic and natural forms. Physical and atmospheric elements like rain, wind, thunder and lightning are being recreated in poetic installations.

References; Sympony in D, Rain Room by Random International, Cloudscapes by Tetsuo Kondo Architects


Designers are beginning to explore and employ scent as a medium for sharing information and evoking memories. Scent also has the ability to improve our emotions and sense of well-being.

References; Mickaël Wiesengrün, Ode, Parfume tools by Jody Kocke

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