New Frontiers - 3

Posted 26/02/15 by Sarita Pannekoek

This is the third of three blog posts exploring the themes ‘connect, experience and material’. These themes look at how designers are seeking solutions to some of the impact technology has had on our lives. Design that focuses is on life and its surroundings instead of our multiple screens.

MATERIAL looks at how designers and makers are using new technology and pushing the boundaries of materiality to create new tech. integrated, constructed and biological materials.

New Frontiers P3 


Designers are experimenting by using new, exciting and unusual materials to express their creativity. Iris van Herpen’s SS15 collection ‘Magnetic Motion’, was inspired by her visit to CERN and the Large Hadron Collinder in Switzerland, where powerful magnetic fields manipulate the building blocks of the universe. In her SS15 she also ‘grows’ some of her pieces by using magnets.

References; Neclumi by Pan Generator, Pauline van Dongen, Cutecircuit Pilot suit 


Technology is becoming integrated and invisible, enhancing our user experience without being in the picture. Products will run in the background of our lives without needing guidance. They will help us, improve us, teach us, warn us and comfort us.

References; GER mood sweater by Kristin Neidlinger, BB suit by ByBorre, Move by Electricfoxy, Transformatice Chronotype by Jyone Hara

New products are arising that enhance our wellbeing. People have begun to use apps to track their lifestyle habits more and designers are finding new ways to enhance our wellbeing by designing garments and physical objects to guide us and improve our health and wellbeing.

 “Cold plasma technology cleans polluted air. By using a really high voltage it splits up the particles in the air and then grabs the dust and make all the bad particles in the air go down to the ground,” Borre Akkersdijk about BB suit

References; Limber Gems by Pleunie Buyink, Amoeba shoe by Shamees Aden, Iris van Herpen, Tattoo 3D printing by Appropriate Audiences

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