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Nicola Formichetti was raised in Rome and Tokyo, training as a classical pianist as a child (which he still does for relaxation) and later moving to London to study Architecture.  He is alleged to have spent most of his time during this period of his life enjoying himself with the nightlife and street fashion of London instead.

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Nicola began working in a boutique – the Pineal Eye – that was renowned at the time as London’s hub for leftfield and up-and-coming designers.  He became its art director and head buyer for two years. It was there where he met the fashion directors of Dazed and Confused, who offered him a monthly page “Eye Spy” for the magazine: writing, styling, photographing – highlighting things he liked. Eventually he was asked to be the creative director of the magazine, and he stretched out to other fashion magazines like: V, Another Magazine, Arena Homme + etc.

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His fashion covers and pages over the years developed until he became one of the most notable creative directors in the fashion industry, predictor and responsible for the resurgence of young, edgy undercurrent movements that have since moved to the mainstream.

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In 2009, Formichetti met Lady Gaga at a photoshoot for V magazine and, as he describes it, “…it was an instant love.” That was the massive take-off point of his career and he is now the Fashion Director for Lady Gaga, Vogue Hommes Japan, Uniqlo; and the Creative Director for Thierry MUGLER, a role which Lady Gaga persuaded him to take.

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In the last ten years, he has also worked with many fashion houses and brands and will soon be launching his own fashion line as well as a pop-up boutique in Manhattan’s Tribeca district.

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Formichetti describes finding his inspirations from everywhere: his friends, collaborators (he loves collaborating, “that’s where the magic happens”), designers and photographers as well as his followers on Facebook and Tumblr etc.  Like, for example, how he found his muse: Rico the Zombie Boy- on Facebook.

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Further inspirations include his huge toy collection but most importantly, he says he finds that “traveling and visiting new places is very inspiring”.

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Nicola Formichetti is a figure in the fashion world with a distinct vision to the future.  He will be as important in defining fashion and style for our generation as some of the past-masters of couture such as Lagerfield and Saint-Laurent.

Credits to: Dazed and Confused Magazine, Nicola Formichetti’s Blog & Marcelo Krasilcic
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