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Surely one of the most hotly anticipated pop-ups of his decade, at the end of this week, on September 9thNicola Formichetti is opening his first pop-up shop in New York named ‘NICOLA’S’!

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This amazing boutique opens just in time to co-incide with New York Fashion Week. Designed by architect Gage/Clemenceau, it is part of the second annual BOFFO Building Fashion competition in which five architects/ designers are invited to pitch their ideas to fill a 19th century cast-iron building on Walker Street in the TriBeCa district of Manhattan.

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Rotating every two weeks, each of the five chosen fashion designers will be given the chance to showcase their work in one of the most breathtaking transient retail installations. Nicola chose Gage/Clemenceau after only looking at the first page of their proposal, falling in love with the way they’d translated his catwalk style into a spatial experience.

Nicola NY 3

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Nicola has revealed there will be four elements to the proposed shop: nature, digital, minimal and punk/rock vintage/baroque. He wanted Rico the Zombie Boy (famous for his entire body-covering tattoos and used for the recent Mugler campaign) to be the shop manager as well as performing there.  He thought he would be perfect to sell the vintage ruined leather jackets in the punk space.

Nicola NY 8

Nicola has a Tumblr page where he posts anything and everything he loves, and on this he mentioned: “maybe that can be kind of a starting point to how we can envision the whole space to be” in reference to the paring of his collection and Zombie Boy.

Nicola NY 9

There is a website launching on Friday 9th September which will correspond with Formichetti’s pop-up: so the promised-to-be-affordable things he’s selling at the shop will be available online as well. Other than that, NICOLA’S will also house creations he has created for Lady Gaga and runway pieces he has created for MUGLER, which will not be so-affordable!

Nicola NY 10

NICOLA FORMICHETTI – BOFFO Building Fashion 2011 from V Magazine on Vimeo.

This is definitely YourStudio’s favourite pop-up for a long while.  If you have an interesting retail proposal that you’d like us to create a pop-up or retail proposal for, please get in touch:

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