Overview of Paris Motorshow 2012

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As part of YourStudio‘s on going design and trend research, we made the visit to Paris Motor Show 2012. Having been to Motorshows in London and previously designing stands for GM and Ford we had a good idea of what to expect; lots of ground to cover and lots of people!

Motorshow 1

The top 5 designed stands:

Audi – This stand felt like an experience and the bold curves of the stand stood out.

Motorshow 2

Renault – This was an education in Renault, an insight into the green tech as well as showcasing F1 and how big screens should be done!

Motorshow 3

Motorshow 4

Mini – Their stand was fun, as you would expect. They had an interactive paint-your-own Mini wall, which was getting lots of engagement. There were some great Mini accessories on show as well as a Dj trying to get a party going.


Bentley – This was our favourite for pure aesthetics and simple design. There was no interaction, just a strong design concept relating to the Art Deco inspired Bentleys.

Motorshow 5


Mercedes - This stand was packed out with lots to see. There were over-the-top paint finishes and Mercedes engineering precision being put on show.

Motorshow 6


Top trends from the show:

Interactive touch points

Motor show always showcases some of the latest in customer interactive touch points. The most impressive user friendly was from the Ford stand. The user interface was similar to using an iPhone which made it easy to move through and find out about the latest innovations at Ford.

Motorshow 9


Paint finishes

Matte and metallic matte paint finishes really stood out. They are not just for the Range Rovers and Aston Martins you see around London but this finish was showcased on BMW scooters and Citroen cars which both had amazing matte metallic finishes. (A further review of paints and finishes will follow in a trend report- please email us if you’re interested)

Motorshow 10



Customers not only want to look at nice cars, they want to know how things are put together, where they’re from and why they are there. This was best illustrated by the Ford stand which featured a car on its side with iPads explaining how each element worked. It was a scrum to get to one of the iPads which shows even the sump can be interesting!

Motorshow 7

Added Experience

Ford had a very cool race simulator. The queue was huge otherwise I would have loved a go. Some brands opted for something a little different! Peugeot had a grand piano playing emotional solos, which was trying to get across the emotion of their new brand. It was a little over the top but very memorable.

Motorshow 8

 YourStudio create a range of reports giving snapshots into the various trends, materials and finishes in innovative design. For more info on your studio trends, please email info@weareyourstudio.com

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