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Posted 30/10/15 by Ally Fung

Last week we went to the Institute of Contemporary Arts to see Prem Sahib's first institutional solo exhibition in the UK. Sahib's new and recent works explore themes relating to intimacy, sexuality, relationships, desire and community and are a conceptual and simplistic interpretation of his exploration of the relationship between personal and public spaces. 


Prem Sahib is renowned for his precision and execution. Sahib's works are a compromise of minimal expression of colours and structures. His ability to build an extensive deeper context makes him stand out from other minimalists. Sahib's works features common objects that are intimately intertwined with our daily lives, while some other of his sculptures hint simple resemblance of notable items.


Basic Man 2015, MAC foundation on Zara shirt, aluminium, paint


Looking for One 2015, Courtesy the artist and Southard Reid London


The Lower Gallery features large scale installations made from tiles and concrete, and neon glass tubes on the walls.



Phoenix 2015, Blue neon, digitally programmed dimmer



The Upper Gallery, divided into three sections, displays smaller paintings, paper works, sculptures and installations. 



Tuesday 2015, Acrylic, wood, steel, talcum powder 

Prem Sahib's solo exhibition will be on until 15 Nov 2015. For more information visit the ICA website.

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