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Posted 01/10/15 by Tom Philipson

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In the good old days when the modern office was invented and a '9 to 5' was actually a '9 to 5' the idea of an open plan office was awesome. Computers were added to the office and everyone was able to start to work and communicate with each other across the open plan space….. Good times! 

Fast forward 25 years and we still have the open spaces but that communication element has gone into overdrive. Working 9 to 5 has become working from the moment you wake up until the moment you pass out and it's not a fax machine sending messages, it's emails, blogs, vlogs, social media, text, instant message, push message, video message, instant recorded message…..! The list goes on. 

A lot more noise has been added to people's lives and the capacity to absorb all of this information is in the red. To counter this people really need an off switch, this is becoming a real need rather than a nice to have. The work spaces we now design have silent areas, phone booths, no laptop areas, no phone areas, sleeping area's and even the odd Yoga studio. 

Google Timeful is for the busy person who wants to treat breaks and relaxation as seriously as your meetings and deadlines.

This app will help users end procrastination with a skewed take on the time management concept. 


Worry Will Vanish, with this immersive exhibition visitors can relax into a state of calm, discovering a zen retreat amid London's bustling west end. All the elements of the exhibition were created following principles of Autogenic Training, a method of relaxation developed in 1932 by German psychiatrist Johannes Heinrich Schultz.



Muji Rest Stop, this cool installation allows shoppers to take a moment and relax and interact with their products in the Muji store. 



 The ostrage pillow - The perfect way to block out the rest of the world and take 5 for yourself.



Oculus guided meditation - If you are looking for more of a digital answer to saying good bye to everyone why not go on a Oculus journey flying through different land scape's



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