Reinventing Retail: Lifestyle Landscapes

Posted 30/10/15 by Cassie Isherwood

YourStudio bring you our very latest thinking and ideas making an impact on the ever changing retail landscape. 


As retail becomes about the experience, and people seek products to curate their lifestyles we re-think the store landscape - curate journeys of discovery based on mood & lifestyle. 

This is a landscaped environment of different tempo's to enhance the in-store experience. 

- Experience horizons, waterfalls, mountains and meadows 

- Encourage meandering & discovery 

- Moments to ignite the senses 

- From calm to excitement 






In a series of styled tribal islands, products are showcased together with clothing and display tailored to particular aspirational tribes. 

- The 'Glens' for the intellectual thinker 

- The 'Meadows' for the unique fashionista 

- The 'Beach' for the languid wanderer 

The landscape can be further enhanced through a dedicated app enabling navigation through the senses. 


To find out more, please contact Tom,


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