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Posted 05/11/14 by Farha Nabila Halimuddin

Located in east London’s Shoreditch area (also home of YourStudio), Kemistry Gallery have been exhibiting for nearly a decide, emerging as one of UK’s leading cultural spaces for cutting-edge graphic design, supporting and showcasing young, bright, up-and-coming talents. Alumni exhibitors include Parra, UVA and Geoff McFetridge as well as graphic design heavyweights from Saul Bass to Ken Garland, Milton Glaser to Seymour Chwast.

Unfortunately, due to a sky-rocket raise in rent in the neighbourhood in recent years - a result of an impeding facelift of the area formerly known for its poor conditions, Kemistry have been forced into an abrupt closure. However, not all is lost. The gallery announced that they are looking to finance a pop-up exhibition in February 2015 , which will celebrate their pioneering graphic design showcases in the past decade and their new, exciting chapter ahead.

Here is how you can help Kemistry - direct donation to the gallery is greatly appreciated. Please also spread the word on social platforms with #SaveKemistryGallery. Save Kemistry; save Shoreditch's soul.

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Digital Badge created by Jean Jullien for the Kickstarter campaign. 

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