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Posted 19/02/16 by YourStudio

At our recent breakfast talk, we explored the effect of changing customer behaviours and expectations in shaping a new generation of Shoppable Habitats.

As boundaries between art, commerce, education and entertainment blur and shopping becomes increasingly mobile, retail spaces are moving from hybrid to habitable - places for people to live, nourish, work, sleep and connect. 

Yourstudio explored how these four themes are integrated within our retail environment - this blogpost will explore 'Live'.



Enhancing experiences help people 'live' the product and connect with the tribe. These environments create the ultimate opportunity to co-habit with your customer, focussing on the intersection of convenience, experience and participation.

1Uncle Rocco

Uncle Rocco's, Melbourne 

Uncle Rocco's is not just a barber shop, it is a male hangout. While you are waiting for your appointment, you can have a drink at the bar, eat at the next door restaurant or go for a skate in Uncle Rocco's skate bowl. 

Its all about creating instagrammable moments & inspiring experiences - how can you create and encourage content creation within the retail environment?


2 MW

Matthew Williamson, Showroom, London

Matthew Williamson has opened a showroom next to his studio in London. He personally designed the space, decorating with objet d'arts from his travels.  "The brand is now focussed on creating more of a personal service, through private appointments in the lavishly decorated - yet intimate - venue," Matthew Williamson.   

'Live' is part of the Shoppable Habitats series, explore the other themes, Nourish, Work and Sleep.

Shape your shoppable habitat... Get in touch if you would like to explore what Shoppable Habitats means for your brand and how this could be implemented within your retail environment - 

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