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Posted 19/02/16 by YourStudio

At our recent breakfast talk, we explored the effect of changing customer behaviours and expectations in shaping a new generation of Shoppable Habitats.

As boundaries between art, commerce, education and entertainment blur and shopping becomes increasingly mobile, retail spaces are moving from hybrid to habitable - places for people to live, nourish, work, sleep and connect. 

Yourstudio explored how these four themes are integrated within our retail environment - this blogpost will explore 'Sleep'.


The retail experience is expanding beyond the traditional boundaries to become a place to unwind and escape. Shopping is becoming infused into our lives, from overnight stays to fully branded communities.

8 SS

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Scotch & Soda collaborated with Airbnb to create an apartment to rent for a weekend. Part of the wanderlust campaign, the house was fully decorated with Scotch & Soda products and clothing, for the travelers to try on and buy. It is a great example of how retail has become more intuitive and a fully 'branded' lifestyle experience. 

The creation of successful, committed relationships form the ideal blueprint for establishing loyalty. 




On an even bigger scale there is 'From WeWork to We Live'. WeWork members have an apartment in a co-living  building - along with access to community events, fitness classes and yoga studio, dinners and services like laundry and cleaning and even a little movie theater. All of these apartments will be fully furnished and decorated -  and thus 'branded'. 


'Sleep' is part of the Shoppable Habitats series,explore the other themes, Live, Nourish and Work. 

Shape your shoppable habitat... Get in touch if you would like to explore what Shoppable Habitats means for your brand and how this could be implemented within your retail environment - 

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