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Posted 08/12/14 by Sarita Pannekoek

Last week we attended the Sleep conference in London, seeing and hearing some inspiring talks from leaders of the hotel industry. This year's Sleep sets design competition, along the theme of 'Simplexity', showed unique and innovative future hotel concepts. Four, thought-provoking roomsets are created by different design teams. 

Sleep 1Micasa by Dreimenta

Sleep Set - Micasa Our favourite of the four Sleep sets is Micasa by Dreimenta. A set, entirely made out of cardboard eliminates all distractions. Micasa aims to merge the simple and complex to create a unique take on simplexity through materials and construction. It's simple clarity and effortlessness aims to create freedom for experienced travellers.

Sleep 2
Lighting detail from Dreimenta's Micasa

Paper Tiles by Dear Human The paper tiles are made from 100% recycled paper. They are pressed by hand in air release dies, similar to the ceramic process. The resulting forms are as hard as board, have sound absorbent qualities and can be printed and painted just like any other paper. 

Sleep 3

Hand-crafted paper tiles by Dear Human Sleep Set - 1+1 by No Chintz No Chintz caught our eye with Sleep set 1+1. They created a trend-focused, simple, yet luxurious hotel room, which focusses on the details. 1+1 is a global but local hotel, encouraging visitors to explore the neighbourhood. Local was a key repeated theme throughout the conference.  'People like to absorb culture as much as they can.' Antonia Ward

Sleep 4Sleep set 1+1 by No Chintz

Sleep 5
Sleep Set 1+1 by No Chintz

Sleep set's by Nigel Coates and SKM Design Nigel Coats creates an almost graphic hotel room, with beauty in it's wooden details whereas, Simplexity by SKM Design ( the winner of the Sleep set competition) used colour and light and was inspired by Isaac Newton and Pink Floyd. 'SKM wanted to push the boundaries of design and confront its viewers with the preconceptions of a typical hotel room.'

Sleep 6
Sleep Set by Nigel Coates

Sleep 7
Sleep set by SKM Design

Apart-Hotel Conference The inspiring Apart-Hotel conference gave us some intriguing insights about the extended stay hotel sector. Hotels are getting smaller in our compact world whereas, longer stay guests search for more space and comfort. Design must reflect the culture and locality to create a sensory experience for its guests. It is important to create environments that offer community and engagement. The staff and other 'travellers' become a temporary family to the guest.

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