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Posted 26/01/15 by Sarita Pannekoek

The exhibition 'the Future of Fashion is now' in Boijmans van Beuningen (Rotterdam, NL) is an initiative of Han Nefkens. His mission is to foster fashion talent that works at the cutting edge of fashion and arts, initiate commissions and support research into valuable changes in the fashion industry. 56 international designers give their critical view on current fashion, showing their new innovative solutions that are sustainable, involve futuristic technologies and enhance the social value of clothes. The exhibition is divided in 4 themes; materiality and experience, the (re)definition of the human figure, new values and new stories, and fashion activism; community and politics. Han Nefkens 'Fashion on the Edge's' committee (Viktor & Rolf, Vogue's editor Karin Swerink, Han Nefkens and José Teunissen) enabled 6 new fashion designers that made new work exclusively for the exhibition. These were Iris van Herpen, Craig Green, D&K, Olek, Digest Design and Lucia Cube. One of the lucky six is D&K, whose vision on future of fashion is the importance of understanding personal identity and the individual in the mass. 

Futurefashion1 D&K 101 T-shirts commissiones by Han Nefkens Fashion on the Edge

 Ying Gao shows breathing fashion with her designs called Incertitudes. The garments respond to surrounding-sounds and human voices and protects the wearer with its needle-surface. She questions our assumptions about clothing by combining urban design, architecture and multi-media. Her inspiration comes from the transformations of the social and urban environment.
“Materials are the basis of everything I do.”

Futurefashion3 Incertitues by Ying Gao 

The Say Goodbye dress by Helen Storey is a dissolving dress. It took months to make, but the dress made from polyvinylalcohol, disappear within a few days when you hang it in water. The gel that remains could be used to grow seeds and grow plants.  This dress represents the world, which could disappear just as fast if we do not take better care of it. She makes a strong statement and questions sustainability of the world in the future.

Futurefashion10 Say Goodbye installation by Helen Storey  

Zen garden is a compilation of the last 20 years of Viktor&Rolf. Every model represents one year. As a response to the fast-paced fashion world they created a zen-performance and the models represent immobile rocks to create a feeling of rest.   

Zen Garden by Viktor & Rolf 


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