The Future of Offices

Posted 28/07/14 by Your Studio

Since our collaboration with global think tank PSFK on the Future of Work we’ve continued our work looking at the ins and outs of the workspace- what makes it great, what’s new, and more than anything else, what evidence is there to herald a new generation of workspace design. Along with the advancement of technology, employees’ working habits also evolved to a more dynamic, collaborative approach where work can happen anywhere, anytime. Research has shown that more than anything, the workspace that balances work, rest and play is the most productive, collaborative and enhances employee innovation. Here are three key concepts in breaking up the landscape of the work environment: 1. Mixing Play & Work Having those little feelings of home-comforts can be rewarding for workers in the office from 9 till 5. Exercise also stimulates the mind and brings new perspective to desk work. Future Offices 1 Headvertising Office 2. Sharing & Collaborating Encouraging sharing and collaborations between workers can help spark new ideas! Future Offices 2 Madrid Hub Office 3. Anytime, anywhere There is an increase in the number of ‘pop-up workspaces’ to accommodate for a range of needs that allow people to work, meet and collaborate on a short-term or last-minute basis. Sometimes just changing the location of meetings can make it less dreadful, and keep people focused; getting people out of their usual office space from time to time can also be beneficial. Future Offices 3

Have a look at our work on ICO and Elvis. We are also working on some highly exciting and innovative new workspace landscapes which we will publish soon. For any information about YourStudio’s research on the latest office trends or if you’d like us to help design your new office space, please contact us here.

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