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Posted 13/06/11 by Your Studio

Being green in today’s world has become essential, at YourStudio we are seeing new inventive ways of bringing nature and greenery to the urban environment. Looking at small scale ecosystems and creative examples of  bringing common plants into interiors as a decorative tool, and turning your average pot plant on it’s head and creating beautiful terrarium gardens.

We have also looked at how small plants in the outdoor urban landscape have been uniquely preserved and glamourised in the central city areas of Madrid, where cracks in the pavement allow for plants to grow. Continue reading for more information on these creative uses of greenery in an urban landscape.

Moss House, Tokyo

A renovation house project in Tokyo by Nendo. The idea came from the location of the house near the Shibuya River, where different types of moss grow. The designer thought it might be interesting if the moss could be used in the interior of the house, decadently patterned over the walls. The interior feels like a scene out of Alice in wonderland!

Ecosystem 1

Suspended String Gardens

Flowering string gardens suspend fruits and greenery in delicate webs of twine. These  pretty hanging plants which suspend from the ceiling by just a few threads and are completely unrestrained by pots or containers. The resulting gardens are works of art which seem to defy gravity and completely eliminate the need for pots.

Ecosystem 2

Ecosystem 3

Guerrilla Gardening: Mini Ecosystem Installations

These planted works of art are created on the streets of Madrid. The work aims to protect and preserve the small weeds and plants that spring up in the cracks in the centre of Madrid. In some places the artists protected existing plants by covering them with portable greenhouses and in other instances they provided hardy cuttings in hopes they would take root and someone would notice.

Ecosystem 5

Repurposed Bottle Terrariums

Jose Agatep gathers glass containers of various shapes and transforms them into incredible terrariums filled with locally grown plants, wild mosses, small stones, soil, and wood chips collected from nearby forests and train tracks. According to the designer, the tiny self-contained ecosystems offer “a journey to ancient connections that once existed between humans and plants”

Ecosystem 6

Ecosystem 7

Ecosystem 8

These are just a few examples of small scale creative urban green projects, YourStudio have more to come on some productive urban landscapes. If you would like more information on this topic or have a unique topic you would like Your Studio to research, please feel free to get in touch: info@weareyourstudio.com

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