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YourStudio have been looking at how retailers are using their window displays to entice and entertain their customers. From 2D flat displays to 3D sets, using props and interactive technology such as QR codes, Augmented Reality, or motion sensors, retail windows have become theatrical and creative to compete with other stores and maintain a strong footfall on the high street with the aim to give the consumer an experience.

We’ve recently highlighted surreal trends within fashion, illustration and design, and here’s some examples of beautifully surreal displays.

Looking at simple yet powerful windows using cheaper methods to produce creative displays, illustrator Emily Forgot designed artwork for Selfridges. The layered cut outs create a beautifully surreal effect.

Wow 1

Wow 2

This style can also be seen in this example below by Japanese artist Nagi Noda.

Wow 3

Gucci’s SS11 window display campaign uses cut-out style photography, and layering of merchandise in the style of the campaign imagery, with bright light spots.

Wow 4

Harvey Nichols ‘Fashion Statement’ campaign, knocking people over with their choice of style. A comical concept for a window display using props and  mannequins.

Wow 5

We’ve looked at Anthropologie before for their creative in-store displays and their use of display artists who continually craft the in-store and window displays. Creating unique and individual displays from store to store adds a local element and gives a unique experience for each window whilst maintaining an overarching brand feel across all of their stores

Wow 6

Wow 7

Sensory natural feel windows bring a nice sense of nature in a n urban environment. this interactive window creates a breeze effect in the window as people walk by, making the  grass blow around.

Wow 8

Other great interactive displays provide unique offers through interactive and tagged windows offering discounts in-store.

Kirk Originals window uses lenticular images which gives the effect of the eyes turning to look at passers by as they move across the window. The eyes are then repeated on hinged arms which display the glasses inside the store.

Wow 9

Hermès window was commisioned for Maison Hermès store in Japan by designer Tokujin Yoshioka. An image of a woman projected on to monitors appears to blow, and the Hermès scarf softly sways in the air in response to the woman’s blow. The elegance and beauty of this display brings about a humorous feeling, bringing life into the scarves, brand and window.

Wow 10

Wow 11

Selfridges current window campaign ‘Project Ocean’ aims to raise money and awareness for our oceans.  Selfridges have teamed up with a host of environmental organisations including The Zoological Society of London (ZSL), the Marine Conservation Society and Greenpeace to help their consumers get greener and help our oceans.

Selfridges windows have been transformed into a fashion aquarium with curator Judith Clark’s fashion exhibition including an Atlantic inspired collection by Alexander McQueen, designs from Thierry Mugler and a millinery collection by Philip Treacy.

Wow 12

Wow 13

Wow 14

The interactive digital window display encourages passers by to interact with the screen and also donate money to the cause whilst watching as the project total increases. This is a great way for people to easily help the cause and feel like they have contributed to the display whilst touching the brand.

Wow 15

Chanel is taking over Harrods’ all 23 display windows on Brompton Road! They will house Chanel’s latest Enchanted Forest themed Autumn/Winter Ready-to-Wear collection, which is worn by packs of wolves, unicorns, owls, deers etc. to complete the perfect unconventional imagery of a French fairy tale. Not only that, they even took over the flags above the display windows – pronouncing the domination of Chanel!

Wow 16

Wow 17

Wow 18

Wow 19

The temporary ‘Ume Promenade’ exhibition takes over eight rooms on the third floor of Harrods, with each room featuring the milestones in Chanel’s history. One spectacular installation is the larger-than-life-size version of Chanel’s iconic 2.55 hand bag. It is sure to enchant dedicated Chanel fans!

Wow 20

There is a temporary fashion boutique on the ground floor with a ‘misty garden’ theme.

Wow 21

On the third floor, through the pearl curtains is a reconstruction of the Camellia Garden featured in the brand’s S/S runway show…

Wow 22

…and then a Nursery Room featuring the brand’s wallpapers and curtains, which also houses an enlarged doll house containing various Chanel toys and Harrods bears in Chanel clothing.

Wow 23

At YourStudio, we apply our insights to create custom trend reports and design strategies for retailers.  If you have an exciting or challenging opportunity for any of your brand communication touchpoints from windows to store design, and want some forward-thinking planning- remember to contact us:

Watch the YourStudio Blog for more updates on current and future window displays that we’re seeing internationally. We’re looking forward to showing more of the things that inspire us!

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