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Posted 20/12/11 by Your Studio

Other than decorating Christmas trees and the lovely food, the only thing missing would be the presents under the tree! At YourStudio, we are always after innovative designs, and here we present to you a few wrapping papers that we found.

The Hamburger wrapping paper by GiftCouture – a graphic design project in New York by Sarah Fay and Justin Colt – consists of 5 elements – the bun, hamburger, cheese, lettuce and tomato, in high-quality photographic printouts to construct the ‘hamburger’ present. The aim of the project is to create unusual wrapping papers that fit together in specific themes and sets. Now we wonder what theme they would go for next...

Wrapping Paper 1

Wrapping Paper 2

A more convenient option for busy people – Wordless – a universal wrapping paper designed by Fabio Milito and Francesca Guidotti. Simply wrap up the gift and circle the occasion it is for out of a choice of 20 in the word search puzzle. Saves you the trouble to buy different wrapping papers for each occasion, wrap your presents in a clean and simple way as well as conveying your message.

Wrapping Paper 3

Wrapping Paper 4

Similar to the Hamburger wrap, this Fruit Wrap, produced by Swedish design agency Happy F&B, includes banana, orange and watermelon wrapping paper. Happy F&B also published a set of stickers along with the wrapping paper that allows the user to build houses and even a whole town with the presents!

Wrapping Paper 5

Wrapping Paper 6

Wrapping Paper 7

The wrapping paper that incorporated the use of QR codes – QRistmas – has been designed by UK-based studio, the chase. When the QR codes are scanned, gift ideas are suggested – seeing as there is always someone on the list that we just can’t think of anything to buy for them. Recipients can also scan the QR codes to take part in a twitter QRistmas quiz that might win them one of the gifts featured on the wrapping paper; other than that, the codes have been created in coloured versions to produce a visual seasonal poster.

Wrapping Paper 8

Wrapping Paper 9

Japanese artist/illustrator ‘BAKU’ Maeda, recently began an art project, Ribbonesia, with a more three-dimensional approach – using colourful ribbons and other fabrics to create expressions of a wide variety of animals. Perfect addition to a simply wrapped but important present for this Christmas!

Wrapping Paper 10

Wrapping Paper 11

Wrapping Paper 12

Wrapping Paper 13

Now go on, wrap your presents and enjoy a lovely Christmas with your friends and family!


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