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YourStudio announces the official launch of YS Groundwork

As an insight led design studio we believe in the notion of our brand representing the energy behind what we do, with flexibility and individual expressiveness.

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Over the past year we've been excited to create our own dedicated insights and strategy team, called YS Groundwork, which is led by our Associate Director, Cassie Isherwood.

"I am really excited to be shaping strategy and insight at YourStudio. As a team we are challenging the expected and shaking things up to create work which is inventive and effective."

Cassie Isherwood, Associate Director of Brand & Strategy


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We have been creating YS Groundwork's identity and branding, and this will first be reflected on our new website, which we will be launching this month, alongside some of our other marketing activity.

This has been a dream of Tom and Howard's, since launching YourStudio in 2009. When they started YourStudio, they were keen to create a creative agency that was inspired by insights and trends, realising that by looking at what the consumer wants next, and the market drivers are the essential foundation for designing something that is not only appealing and engaging, but will also be original and have longevity, as it has considered grounding.

"The YS Groundwork offer allows us to work more collaboratively with our clients, they see us less of contractors and more as partners these days, which is extremely rewarding and helps the process work more seamlessly, as well as more creatively, which our clients really enjoy."

Tom Philipson, Managing Director and Howard Sullivan, Creative Director


1PSFK The Future of Workspace 2014


By helping our clients to create original and relevant ideas, we inform, guide and inspire effective forward-thinking design. By interpreting new insights and joining the dots for our clients, we have developed our core experience in spotting future-trends and insights and translating this through to physical application, this has helped to fuel new opportunities and innovative concepts with our clients.


Contact details:

Sarah Leslie, Head of Business Development


+44 (0) 207 033 2809

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